Community Services

cservices-300Teachers Network is a member driven community with many services available to all members. Community services include classified ads, community events notice board, job boards, public discussion forums and email discussion lists. Each of these are described below.

Note: Due to attacks on the member registration system we have temporarily disabled automated account signups. In the process we may have also removed a few legit member requests. We want to encourage real people in the education community to sign up for free accounts, but at the same time we need to make sure that the site remains friendly with no criminal elements. While we work on further hardening our registration system, if you want an account please send a message to and let us know who you are (and that you are indeed human) and we’ll set things up manually for now.


You can search for and connect with other Teachers Network members here.  The member list can show either just your friends or all site members.   It can be sorted by last active time, newest registered or  alphabetical.  If you know the name of a member you are looking, the member search function can help you find them.


Groups are special places made up of one or more members. They have their own private discussion forums, write and publish content, store and share files and media and are usually used for special interest groups, classes, and other situations where members want to work together in their own area. Group access is controlled by the group administrator and can be either public (everyone can join and see), private (the group is visible but content can only be seen by members), and hidden (same as private but not listed in the site group lists).

Classified Ads

cads-100The Classified Ads (Buy and Sell) section provides free ad space for individuals wanting to buy or sell goods. This is not however a marketplace for vendors or companies to promote their products. All members can post ads which will be placed in a moderation queue for approval. We do this to control spam and to try to keep the area as clean and free of rubbish as we can. Under normal conditions ads will be approved (assuming they are not spam or repetitive) within 24 hours. Please note that employment related ads should be placed on the Jobs Board below and not in this section.

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Event Calendar

calendar-100Do you have an event you want to advertise or do you want to know about the latest activities in your area? The event calendar is used to post and browse events of interest to the Teachers Network community. Event postings are free however they are moderated by Teachers Network staff to protect against both spam and repetitive postings. Event postings that meet the guidelines are typically approved and available on the site within 24 hours.

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Job Board

jobs-100Are you looking for a new job? Are you an employer looking to hire new staff? The Teachers Network Job Board is a free service for placing ads for both job seekers as well as employers. We’re set the system up to include most common job categories but should you find this is not enough please let us know and we’ll consider adding to the existing job categories. Job postings are free however they are moderated by Teachers Network staff to protect against spam and duplicate postings. Job postings that meet the guidelines are typically approved and available on the site within 24 hours.

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Discussion Forums

forums-100Discussion forums (sometimes referred to as message boards) are online areas where people hold conversations and are open to all members. They post discussions, read and reply to posts by other members. Unlike chat rooms, discussion forums are archived on the site and allow members to communicate at their leisure. They are sorted by category and topics to allow simple navigation.

Traditional websites that offer forums have a single place on the site where all forums can be accessed. Teachers Network has integrated discussion forums into all member profile areas, groups, as well as public spaces. Each forum can be run by separate moderators. Public forums are visible to all members and are moderated by the site administrator. Member and group forums are run by the member or group administrator respectively. Moderators can filter what content is appropriate for their forums as well as set up access permissions. For instance class groups may want to be set to private access where only the group members can see and contribute. Different classes may have different policies on what they consider appropriate content and behaviour. Note: All discussion forum content is still subject to the Teachers Network Terms of Use. Individual moderators however may set their own rules and impose additional restrictions on their groups.

Email Discussion Lists

email-discuss-100Electronic mail discussion lists on a variety of topics. These initially focus on ESL jobs but may be expanded upon request. Most lists have open membership policies and are open to all including non-Teachers Network members. The Teachers Network list server allows for signing up for any or all of the lists and for managing your subscriptions. If you would like to have additional lists for different topics let us know and we will consider adding additional lists as requested.  Note: mailing lists are currently unavailable.