ECE: Web Design Track Overview

The Web Development series of courses are for students who want to learn how to create, enhance and maintain web sites. The first two courses assume no previous background in computing or web design and do not need any programming experience. Web Design 3 and 4 cover client/server technologies and require Programming 2 or 3 as a prerequisite.

Web Design 1: HTML, CSS and Responsive Design

This is a first course in web design. An introduction to the Internet, the world wide web and the basic client-server model (servers and browsers) are covered. HTML is introduced through a study of the markup language, URLs and URIs followed by simple HTML page design (browser based). A brief introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM) is given. This is followed by the separation of presentation and content through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
Status: Course design in progress

Web Design 2: WordPress

The focus of this course is on Content Management Systems (CMS) and WordPress in particular. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS used for website development and deployment on the Internet. HTML, CSS, the client/server model are reviewed followed by a brief introduction to other common CMS solutions (Drupal, Joomla, etc). WordPress fundamentals covered include themes, plugins, permissions, users, etc. Students will be able to create and maintain a basic but good looking WordPress site.
Status: Course design in progress

Web Design 3: PHP, JavaScript and jQuery

This course covers advance web design involving client/server programming and coordination. The client/server model and DOM is reviewed followed by server side CMS and DBMS configuration (MySQL), tuning and programming. Introduction to the PHP and JavaScript languages is given followed by the jQuery JavaScript framework.
Status: Course design in progress
Prerequisites: Programming 2

Web Design 4: Java, Advanced JavaScript Frameworks

This is a course we are considering but have not yet had the time to devote to a proper study. The Java programming language would be a good addition as many other curriculums, including the AP Compupter Science courses use this. Many advanced JavaScript frameworks such as Node.JS and React are also seeing increased usage and are likely to become more important over time.
Status: Under consideration
Prerequisites: Programming 3