Welcome to the Playground!

Welcome to the new Playground group.  This group is open to all site members.  There are no hard and fast rules here other than to keep it nice and within the overall rules stated in the Terms of Service.  If you haven't joined a group and want to know what they're about this is a good place to start.  Feel free to play with the group forums, docs and gallery sections but please do not delete other member's content without their prior approval.

Unlike other site groups, there are no hard and fast rules about content and the focus for this group (other than what is stated below).  This is kind of a catch-all group where topics that don't fit in elsewhere can live.  With that said, this group is monitored and any content that is not part of an ongoing discussion or which has no obvious purpose will be removed.  In other words content such as spam and other defacing of the group will not be tolerated and offenders risk being banned from the group.

At the time of this writing we're in an alpha-release mode and still working out a fair number of issues.  Not all primary content has been completed and there are some display issues, especially with smaller devices, which are still being ironed out.  Among the primary content that has yet to be completed is the site user manual.   If you should have any questions, suggestions, or any other issues you would like to discuss please let us know!

Group Rules

This is a public group where what we do here can be seen by everyone. Group membership is open to all members however failure to adhere to the basic rules listed below can and will get a member permanently banned. The rules are designed to be simple to help ensure we can maintain order and a clean environment:

  • English Only: content in languages other than English will be removed and repeat offenders may find themselves banned from the group. We need this in order to properly moderate the group content and to promote an environment where the highest number of members can contribute.
  • Keep it Clean: While the group has no set focus this does not mean that we can post rubbish.   The group administrators do monitor this group and any content that is either spam or appears to have no purpose will be removed and if necessary appropriate admin action taken.  We try to keep this area clean and the signal to noise ratio reasonably high.
  • Be Nice: everyone should try to get along and be polite at all times. Sometimes disagreements can and will come up. Just remember we're all friends and treat others with the respect you would expect from them.
  • Follow the Terms of Service: This applies site-wide and basically states what should be obvious to most.

Note: Access to the Web Files area of this group is restricted to group members (not public). If you have any questions, suggestions, problems, etc., please send a message to the group administrator(s) (see the group header above) and we'll get back to you ASAP.