STEM for Young Learners

Workable and practical approaches are presented and discussed here for the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and computing into existing English training.  It can serve as a structure to use in the design and roll-out of enhancements to existing courses.   The target age group is roughly two through seven years of age.

Integrating Early Years Foundation Stage English with STEM (Computing) Training

Basic literacy and numeracy skills for the foundation for learning other skills and subjects.  Because of this basic English and Math form the core of what is taught to very young learners.  The focus in this paper is on computing.  More general STEM topics such as biology, environment and other sciences are not covered.  These are also critically important areas but outside the scope (for now at least) of this document.

Many excellent English teaching curriculum's exist and are in widespread use around the world.  Each have their own design goals and sets of advantages and drawbacks.  It is not our intention to either establish our own English curriculum nor to debate the merits of other curriculum's in this paper.  Instead what we propose is a standard approach to the integration of basic concepts for computing and electronics into existing English language training frameworks for young learners.  With this knowledge students should be adequately prepared by the end of year 2 (primary school) to be able to study these subjects independent of language instruction.  Electronic device usage skills and discipline also must be mastered at this age as their further education will rely upon their effective use.

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