Connie Kehres

Hi - I'm Connie and one of the co-founders of this site.  My focus is with the back-end administration of the site (user registrations, content moderation, and terms of service enforcement).  I am also actively working on establishing group educational tours to the Philippines (see below).

English Video of the Day Channels

I am the administrator of the two Teachers Network English Video of the Day channels.  If you have any questions or suggestions about the groups I am happy to answer them here.   To subscribe or unsubscribe from any of the groups you will need to do that on the individual social networking platforms.  We try to make sure that only members who make the requests through their own accounts are added or removed.   This prevents members from being signed up for lists they are not interested in.   For more information on the English Video of the Day and English Video of the Day for Kids groups, please see our channel page.

Eco-Travel Group

I've setup the Eco-Travel group to work on issues related to providing educational eco-travel related workshops for students and their families.  These workshops aim to combine the study of the marine ecosystem, English (for groups with non-native speakers), active exploration through snorkling the local reefs, exploring the neighboring islands (island hopping) and other leisure activities.  We hope to provide a safe and friendly family getaway which blends education with holiday leisure.

The group is an open membership group available to all interested site members.  Just head over to the group and request membership.  There is a small image gallery setup already in the group.   For more pictures of the area please also checkout my private image galleries here.

Other Resources

Connie's Resume