Testing Programs

The International testing landscape is huge. With so many testing organizations, tests, certifications, subjects, and regional requirements the options are nearly endless. We are making an attempt to start to identify many of the more well known options in the pages and links that follow. These lists should not be considered complete but rather an attempt to identify the bigger players. If and when you find additional resources that you things should be here please do let us know!

This page first categorizes by test types and organizations. Further details for each can be found in the linked pages below. This list initially focuses on testing programs given in the English language, but we expect for this to include other languages over time.

Testing Organizations

Some of the better known International testing organizations include The British Council, University of Cambridge Examinations, ETS, College Board, ACT, GMAC, and Trinity College London.

A more complete list and details can be found here.

School Entrance Examinations

The current listings focus on tests originating from the United States (SAT/ACT/GRE/AP/etc). They are organized by educational level (high school, university, post-graduate, and other). Many of the American tests are recognized by schools outside of the USA. This is particularly true for the SAT and AP tests.

The UK tests have not been included here yet but we plan to add descriptions for them as time permits. More information on school entrance examinations at all levels can be found here.

English Language Testing

English language testing programs are categorized as follows: General English Proficiency, Business English, and English Language Teaching Certifications.

More information on English language testing and the CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference) can be found on the English Language Testing page.


This section is in it’s early days of development – expect regular and extended updates as we get more people involved and helping to provide different niche information. The English testing section above may get folded into something like Subjects -> Languages -> English. This will allow us to greatly expand the information here over time. We’re also considering possibly including certification programs here. Most industries have a wide range of specialized certification classes and programs available. If you’d like to see more in any of the above areas, or have information on other programs you would like to share, please do let us know!