About Teachers Network

What is Teachers Network?

fp1-150Our mission is to help teachers, schools and students work together. We provide targeted courses and materials, teachers and training. We are now designing an Electronics and Computer Science (ECE) curriculum for students (aged 4 through adult). Some of these courses are available now with the rest expected by the end of 2021. Low-cost student kits will be available to go along with these courses. These kits combined with Teachers Network online network resources facilitate more hands-on learning. Online classes and access to a new Teachers Network Learning Management System (LMS) is planned for 2022.

Teachers Network membership comes with many benefits. Benefits include free access to all course curriculum, collaboration tools, social networking and public resources. Members can upload and share documents, audio, video, pictures and discuss any topics of interest through groups, their individual member areas, and public forums. Members and group administrators control privacy for content they create or manage in their respective areas.

Course Curriculum

We are building an Electronics and Computer Engineer (ECE) curriculum for students aged 4 through adult. The main focus is providing comprehensive training for pre-university level students. The first few courses are complete and the rest are expected to be ready by the end of 2021. This includes student kits needed for the home lab work.  Most courses will eventually be offered as online alternatives either directly or through our education partners.

We are looking for education partners to expand the courses available. If you have existing courses or are designing new ones that you would like to make available, please get in touch with us. We are looking for partners to explore new opportunities with so let us know how you would like to work together.

Course Kits and Supplies

As we design our ECE courses it has become clear that additional resources are needed. All ECE courses are hands-on classes with home lab work. Students must have the necessary tools to learn the material. These resources, or student kits, provide the tools for the lab or computer related work.

Teachers Network will build and provide low-cost kits for courses needing them. Should your school or institution need any changes or custom packaging, let us know. If you need student kits for other classes we might be able to help.  more…

Members Working Together

Teachers Network is an interactive member driven community. Members have their own spaces where they can create private discussion forums, write and publish content, store and share files and media (photos, video, documents, etc). They can also join groups and work in those environments enjoying the same tools.

Many free services are available to all members. These include classified ads, a community events notice board, public discussion forums and email discussion lists. The classified ads system provides free ad space for anyone wanting to buy or sell goods. Event calendars are used to post and check what events are happening in their area. Members can discuss issues important to themselves in the public forums. Email discussion lists are similar to forums. Discussion threads though happen through email among subscribed members (not yet available). more….

How Can We Help?

Don’t see what you are looking for here? Let us know – there are many more ways we can work together. We can help with course design, teacher / student materials for starters. We also have our own IT infrastructure and can design and deliver custom online solutions upon request. Just send a note to info@teachers-network.com and let us know what you need.