General Education

General Education top link page – we need a proper introduction written here.


Intro to STEAM and a nice graphic would do nicely here.

Young Learners

Intro to Young Learners and why they need their own section.   Also need a nice graphic for this and the sub-pages.

Testing Programs

The International testing landscape is huge. With so many testing organizations, tests, certifications, subjects, and regional requirements the options are nearly endless. Many of the more well known testing organizations and testing programs are identified in the pages and links that follow. These lists should not be considered complete but rather an attempt to identify the bigger players.  more…

Study Overseas

This guide is an introduction to the many issues most students wanting to study abroad must deal with. It covers many areas including planning, school selection, the application process, relocation logistics, and common issues that students studying overseas encounter.  It is impossible to cover all possible things that may come up in a single document but hopefully this guide combined with the links at the end can provide a good start to the process. If additional assistance is needed Teachers Network works with many consultants with extensive experience in these areas and we will be happy to assist wherever needed.  more…