Course Kits

Student KitsAs we design our courses it became clear that additional resources are needed. Many Teachers Network courses are hands-on classes with home lab work. Students must have the necessary tools to learn the material. These resources, or student kits, provide the tools for the home or computer related work.

Whenever possible we recommend products found with other suppliers as long as they meet our educational and cost requirements.  When this is not possible we build and provide low-cost kits for the courses needing them.

Existing kits from electronics and computer suppliers were either not well matched to our courses and/or were very expensive.  We design our courses to re-use as many of the parts from previous courses to to keep costs as low as possible.  Our student kits are designed in a modular fashion so that we can mix and match modules to meet the needs of specific classes at the lowest cost point.  Student kits required for a given course are listed with each course description.   The contents of each kit is listed in the kit descriptions below.  Students can always choose not to purchase the kits if they have the necessary parts on-hand or if it makes more sense for them to find the parts locally.

Specific course kits will be announced in the coming weeks and rolled out together with new courses.  Should your school or institution need any changes, custom packaging or additional prepackaged course material, let us know to see how we can best help.