Teachers Network DownloadsFree Teachers Network downloads are listed on these pages.

Book Supplements

Book SupplementsTeachers Network supplements to standard training material. Currently this includes additional worksheets for the Cutting Edge and Side by Side English training series.  For downloads related to standard tests please see the Standardized Testing page and follow the link to the test or tests you need. Most of these pages include extensive reference and download materials in the last section of the page.

Linux Distributions for the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi OS LogosTeachers Network Linux distributions are built for ECE students and education.  Reliability and performance (in that order) are the driving forces behind our repackaging of Raspberry Pi OS, Twister and Ubuntu Linux.  While most distributions provide a small installation image which can then be customized by the user, we build workstation solutions specifically targeting ECE students and teaching organizations.  We have a re-partitioned file system layout that incorporates a large native swap partition on the card and a full range of programming, electronics, desktop publishing and graphics editing applications included.

Teachers Network Course Materials

Teachers Network Course MaterialsAdditional course materials are available for many of the Teachers Network courses.  The materials are dependent on the individual needs of each course but may include some of the following: teachers notes, sample programs, tests and quizzes, video files and other files specific to the individual course.