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English Video of the DayWould you like to receive regular English tips on your phone or mobile device? We forward quality videos from some of the best providers on the Internet for both general English training and training for beginning students. Subscribe to one of our many social networking groups for the content of your choice. You can cancel your free subscription at any time.


Teachers Network forwards select publicly available instructional videos at no cost to our subscribing members.  We do not make any money on this service and are not paid by the original content providers to promote their videos.  We never modify or edit third party content.  If you like a video we strongly urge you to check out the original providers website as we only forward a select few of the smaller videos.   Information about the original providers is often provided in their videos at the end.   We include the video name, provider and a link to this page for each video we share through the groups. The URL’s for all video sources we use are listed below.

Two Video Channels

The original English Video of the Day feed has been split into two channels.   English Video of the Day shares small English language instructional videos targeting middle school through adult learners.  Topics include vocabulary, grammar, test preparation, English education and more.  Typical videos come from the BBC, British Council, ETS, Kahn Academy and many others.   See below for a full list.

English Video of the Day for Kids focuses on small English language instructional videos targeting the Pre-K through Grade 1 learners. Typical videos on this feed come from ABCmouse, Kids Learning Tube, Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, PBS Kids, Peekaboo Kidz, Kids TV and many others.  See below for a full list.

Group Rules

Our group rules are designed to be simple and to result in a pleasant environment for everyone.  To start with English ONLY.  Be respectful and courteous at all times.  Absolutely NO ADVERTISING OR SELF PROMOTION ALLOWED.  Violations will result in IMMEDIATE removal from the group (no warning).  If you have content you want to post and are not sure if they violate these rules please contact the group admin before posting.

Teachers Network postings get sent to all the social networks listed below.   If you have a video you are sure meets the group rules and want to post, please do.   But member posts will only be visible on the service they post to.   If you would like to post to all networks, send your content to the channel admin and let them know what you want.  Be sure to include details on how you want your post attributed and we can post on your behalf to all platforms.  If you are sharing 3rd party content, be sure to include references to their site and how readers can contact the original content provider directly.

Social Networking Groups

The Teachers Network Daily Video feeds are sent to the following social networking and Messaging Services:

  • Facebook
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  • Signal
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The Teachers Network content is identical across all platforms. Member comments are specific to each platform.

Please note that as many of the instant messaging providers limit the size of attachments, we limit videos we share to under 20 MB in size. For most video providers this represents just a small sample of what they offer. So, if you like what you see, please check out their sites listed below (and referenced in our group postings) for a complete catalog of their content.

Social Networking Platforms

The Teachers Network daily video feeds can also be found in their own groups on Facebook and Mewe:

To join the Facebook groups see:

Daily English Videos on Facebook
Daily English Videos for Kids on Facebook

You can also contact Connie at Facebook if you have any questions or experience and difficulties.

To join the MeWe groups see:

Daily English Videos on MeWe
Daily English Videos for Kids on MeWe

If you experience any problems please contact Connie Kehres at MeWe directly.

Instant Messaging Services

Both video feeds are sent too the following instant messaging services: Signal, and Telegram. See below on how to subscribe for each service:


To join the Signal groups visit the links below:

Daily English Videos on Signal
Daily English Videos for Kids on Signal

You can also send a message directly to Connie Kehres (+639953381210) requesting to be added (be sure to say which list you are interested in).


To join one of the Telegram channels visit one of the links below:

Telegram Daily English Videos Channel
Telegram Kids English Videos Channel

You can also send a message to ckehres on Telegram requesting to be added and the name of the list you are interested in.

Video Providers

Below is a list of the providers we use who publish English language instructional videos.   All videos can be found on public websites such as YouTube and others.  If you like their content, please check out their sites and subscribe directly.   Most have many more great educational videos published that we cannot share through the chat services. Almost all offer additional products and services related to their videos that might be useful and of interest to our members. We hope that these groups can not only provide small additional tips for our members each day but also bring them closer to some of the many great educational institutions and organizations whose content we share.

Daily English Videos

These groups cater to English learners from late primary school through adult.  Many of the sources here are organizations who focus on one or more of the standardized English tests (IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, SAT, etc).

Advanced Placement (AP)
BBC Learning English
Best ACT Prep
British Council
British Council Hong Kong
Cambridge English
Cambridge University Press Education
Cambridge University Press ELT
College Exam Tutor (ACT)
Computer-delivered IELTS (British Council)
Computer-delivered IELTS Functionality (British Council)
English Grammar Help
How to Pronounce English Words
How to Pronounce English Words 2
IDP Education Global
IELTS For Teachers (British Council)
IELTS Official Videos (British Council)
Illustrate (Vocabulary)
Jennifer ESL
Kahn Academy Grammar
Kaplan SAT & ACT Prep
Learn English (British Council)
Learn English With Rebecca [engVid]
Oxford Online English (IELTS)
Pronounce Words
Rachels English
Take IELTS Official (British Council)
Teaching English (British Council)
The College Board
What You Need to Know (British Council)

Daily English Videos for Kids

These groups cater to the very young learners, typically pre-K through grade 1.

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy
ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
CVS 3D Rhymes & Kids Songs
Disney Junior
Karen Lirenman
Kids Learning Tube
MarshalGrover (Sesame Street)
Netflix Jr.
Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs
PBS Kids
Peekaboo Kids
Peppa Pig – Official Channel
Scratch Garden
Sesame 101 (Sesame Street)
Sesame Maniac (Sesame Street)
Sesame Street
The Electric Company
Thomas & Friends
Veston Bruno (Sesame Street)
Veston Bruno 2 (Sesame Street)
We Love English