Tim Kehres

Welcome to Tim's Place

I'm Tim and the lead developer for this site.   We've been using and testing the site now for several months and most of the core functions are working and stable.  There is still work to do yet though on the classified ads, event calendar, and jobs board.  Documentation is in an early stage but actively being worked on.  Please be patient as we get things cleaned up and better working.   If you encounter any problems or have suggestions, please let me know.   I'll continue to update this page as new issues are uncovered and old issues resolved (removed).

Current Work

The following is a list of ongoing tasks which need to be resolved.

  • Friends Online: avatars stacking vertically
  • Friends Online: extend time window
  • Member Password - problem with less than secure passwords
  • Blog Author Edit/Delete button placement

Please feel free to send me a message with any items that I've missed (I'm sure there are many).

How To Guides

The initial structure of the How-To Guides has been setup and is in place.   Several of the guides however still need to be written.  The following guides will be written (in order of priority):

  • Forums
  • Document System
  • File Storage System

Community Page Redesign Notes

  • Classified Ads - verify backend and update accordingly
  • Event Calendar - verify backend and update accordingly
  • Job Board - verify backend and if OK add to the menu.   Otherwise delete.
  • Forums - cleanup and simplify wording
  • Email discussion lists:
    • port mailman 3 and kitty archiver
    • configure and test
    • initial teachers-network lists: makers, contributors, news

Groups I'm Involved With

At the moment most of my time is spent in the development, testing, and roll-out of this site.  In the course of my part time teaching assignments I also work with some of the hidden groups here, mainly in the areas of writing.  The public groups which I intend to re-focus my efforts on once we get into a production mode of operation on include STEM for Young Learners and Eco-Travel.  We also plan once this site is in production to gradually split out some of the larger (in terms of what we have material for) education areas into their own sub-sites.  Already on the drawing board are ece.teachers-network.com (electrical and computer engineering), maker.teachers-network.com, english.teachers-network.com, and shop.teachers-network.com.

About Me

More information about me can be found on my personal website.